Important things to discuss when visiting a care home

Published on - 15/02/2021
By - Quality Care Choices
Important things to discuss when visiting a care home


It is important to discuss how much you’re willing to spend on care, along with what is included in the fee of each individual care home, for example, some places may include toiletries, whereas others may request friends and family to bring it in. It’s also important to find out how often the fees are taken and if a deposit is required.


Have a look at the bedrooms available, and discuss the size of the bedroom, type of bathroom, and what they can and cannot bring into the home from home. It’s also important to discuss what is included, such as bedding, wardrobes, television or room for storage and other items. Some care homes may also allow individuals to pin photos in the wall, so this must be discussed too.

Meal times

Have a look at the sample menus, and discuss what the options are available to order a different dish if they didn’t like what was on the menu. Also have a look at how easy it is for the individual to have snacks and drinks throughout the day. If possible, speak to the kitchen staff and discuss options or any dietary needs.


Care homes must provide activities for their residents every day, so ask to watch in when they are doing activities, and discuss what options are available for activities. Some activities may take place outside of the building, including day trips, so it’s important to discuss these and discuss if these would cost any extra.

Visiting hours

Find out if there is a set time that families can come and visit or if they are welcomed any time throughout the day or night. Along with visiting, discuss other ways of speaking to your loved ones, such as video calls or phone calls, and how these work, in regards to random calls or if they must be booked beforehand.


Discuss with the senior staff how medication is arranged, tracked and administered, and how they will contact the family if something happens or they injure themselves. It’s also important to know the relationship with the local doctors and nurses, and how often they can come out and visit.

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